Two Kids Mom

Mom!!! The tv is all jacked up!

- my 6 yo

Dark Night Rises

Unbelievablely awesome!!!!!!


Honestly, I don’t know who has time to do this type of thing, but I am grateful that they do what they do. This is one of the better of these things going around.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

My son loves me— he really does!

Him: mom- do you know what game show our family should definately NOT go on?

Me: which one?

Him: have you ever seen that show extreme makeover?

Me: no- but I’ve heard of it.

Him: there was a man on the show that was over 500lbs. The dr. said he was so big that he could go to sleep one night and maybe never wake up. So he lost a bunch of weight and he is ok now.

Me: I’m happy for him. That must have been very hard for him to do.

Him: yeah- I know that you are working out now and getting healthy but you are still big on the front.

My daughter: you aren’t supposed to say mom is big! That’s not nice.

Him: hey what can I say- I love all of moms comfy skin in the front. She better not ever get rid of that!


Deep Thoughts by CKB

: in the car leaving Biloxi-

CKB: hey mom- guess what I’ve noticed?

Me: what?

CKB: the trees in Biloxi look just the same as the ones in Louisiana.

Me: 😳

Biloxi bound

So I just checked on my 6yo. She told me she was going to her room to pack for tomorrow. When I opened the door— she had a bag with 23 dvd’s in it, her leap pad, and a stuffed animal. She was also painting her nails. I asked her what she was doing—She said, “mom- I can’t go to the beach with out my fingers and toes done!!”.

I am SOOOO in for it when she gets older.

Growing up

My bf has 2 older daughters. She often gives me clothes that no longer fit for my 6yo. Well the last bag we got had a training bra/ sports bra thing! Of course my 6yo wants to wear her “bra” with he clothes now. NO NO NO!!!! I can’t do this yet. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but she wants to be ‘big’ so badly— you don’t even want to know what the hubby thinks😳

Best part about summer

Snuggle love with baby girl.

(I would post the pic that is supposed to go along with this but obviously my masters degree wasn’t enough of an education to figure it out😡)

So if anyone can explain- please do so’



I guess if you are going to die— this is as good a way as possible.



I guess if you are going to die— this is as good a way as possible.